Glasgow Premium Service Center

UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) formerly known as Home Office UKBA Public Enquiry Office for the processing of same-day visas applications.

Glasgow Premium Service Centre


Festival Court
200 Brand Street
Glasgow – Scotland
G51 1DH

Opening Hours - Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8am to 5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 8pm - by appointment only.

Main applications considered are:

Settlement, Indefinite Leave to Remain – SET(O) and SET(M)
Leave to remain application – FLR (O), FLR (M), PBS dependants
Tier 1 General Leave extensions
Tier 2 Sponsored migrant workers
Tier 4 Students
Tier 5 Temporary and charity workers


The visa centre is located in the Glasgow district Govan which is about 2 miles from Glasgow’s central rail station (walkable, but a taxi would be advised) and about seven miles from the main Glasgow airport (GLA). The airport shuttle busses do not go directly to Govan, you would need to take the 15 minute ride into Glasgow central rail station and pick up a bus from the other side that heads out towards Paisley. This is a further 10-15 minute ride that takes the A8 Paisley Rd that does not go directly past the Visa & Immigration Premium Service Centre  (A taxi from the airport is advised)


Important Note regarding legal representatives – Unlike the England and Wales Premium Service Centres that allow non registered representation eg. couriers/chaperones acting on behalf of law firms or registered immigration advisors (OISC), The Glasgow PSC only permits actual legal advisors to attend the appointment with the applicant. Legal reps. will require photo ID to gain entrance to the Glasgow PSC.

There are two UKVI buildings, the one to the right of the gate entrance is for asylum applications and reporting. The Same Day Premium Service Centre is in the building to the left. You will be met by a uniformed security officer at the main door who will ask to see your appointment details before accompanying you to the reception desk where you will be asked to present your passport. The security personnel will check your details against their schedule of applicants for the day. If you are being accompanied by a legal representative, at this point security will go off to check their credentials – if their details are not found on a legal advisor register (OISC, Law Society etc), they will not be allowed in to the building.

All bags are passed through the airport style metal detectors and then physically checked – coats, belts and watches have to be removed, contents of pockets are to be put in to trays for inspection. I-pad and laptops are to be removed from bags.

After passing through the security check section you will be directed to the customer services desk where you will need to present to them your:
- PSC Booking reservation document checklist
- Proof of online payment
- Current and old passport(s)
- Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you have one
- Fully completed / signed application form(s). (It is ESSENTIAL that you have the latest version application form)
- If Tier 2 application,  copy of Certificate Of Sponsorship.
- All original supporting documentation
- Photocopies of all of the original supporting documentation + copies of passports

On completion of the preliminary document inspection your application file will be taken in,  you will be given a numbered appointment ticket and asked to sit in the waiting area until called.